1. Delivery time: 7-10 Working Days .

2. Port of export: Shanghai

3. Track orderhttp://www.ems.com.cn/english.html

4. Worldwide EMS Operators EMS Operators per region http://www.ems.post/operators

4. Shipping cost (For example Australia):

1). Less than 0.5kg, calculated by 0.5kg .

For example: 0.25=0.5kg, 1.35=1.5kg, 1.65=2.0kg

2). First 0.5kg: USD20 , Additional: USD5 for 0.5kg .

For example: shipping cost for 0.25kg=20usd, shipping cost for 0.5kg=20usd, shipping cost for 1.5kg=20+5*2=30usd

5. EMS Customs problem:

1). if China Customs seize your package , we will ship a new package or 100% refund .

2). if your country Customs seize your package , we will not reship a new package and no refund  .